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Can Your Brand Image Survive the Elements of Nature?

Perhaps nobody understands the importance of a label or a hang tag as a business owner. More than just stickers, these product stamps are carriers of brand identity. Then, could there be anything worse than having customer experience ruined due to labels that could not endure the test of time and the elements? Label curling or peeling can even become a matter of life and death when it comes to construction sites, farms, or playgrounds.

Durable custom printed tags in St. Louis, MO, are a must, especially given that St. Louis experiences extremes of temperature throughout the year. So, are you sure your business labels and tags are weather-friendly? If not, this guide will help you ascertain the answer.

Custom Weather-Friendly Labels 

Based on the nature of your business, you can determine how weather-resistant you’d want your custom labels to be. So some examples of uses of weather-friendly labels include:

  • Heavy-duty industrial or construction sites wherein labels carry vital safety information.
  • Business entrances, as well as outdoor advertising outlets, often use bumper stickers.
  • Recreational equipment such as bicycles, snowboards, camping equipment, etc., contain important safety and usage instructions.
  • Packaged foods are usually stored in extreme environments, such as dairy products, ice cream, energy drinks, etc.

Harsh Elements That Threaten the Life of Your Product Labels and Tags 

As a local of St. Louis, you are all too familiar with how unpredictable the weather in the area can be. So your product labels and tags need to survive the following atmospheric elements to serve their purpose:

Snow and Rain 

If you’ve seen paper succumb into a pulpy mess on direct and prolonged contact with moisture, you can see why water-resistant labels are a must.

Consider these: a best man cheerfully picks out a bottle of champagne from an ice box to make a toast, only to find the label slowly peeling off. Or, a worker gets injured because the heavy downpour made the ink run off.

Plus, Missouri experiences snowfall as early as October and as late as May. Well, you get the drift.

Sun’s Rays 

Photodegradation or fading of colors on exposure to sunlight is a common phenomenon. UV rays of the sun can gradually break down the chemical bonds of inks and dyes. As such, warm colors such as reds and yellows tend to disintegrate first.

Highly urbanized areas like St. Louis are a few degrees hotter than the rest of Missouri. So, if your label has these colors, either place it in a shaded location or enquire your firm that provides custom printed tags in St. Louis, MO, about UV-resistant labels.

Extreme Temperature Conditions 

Almost every material, from metal to wood, experiences thermal expansion to some degree. More so in other cases, like a tractor that toils beneath the sun during the day and relaxes in a shaded garage at night. Another example could be packaged foods and beverages stored in hot and humid or chilly environments. So if the label in such cases is not flexible, it will easily crack or peel.

Just like you don’t allow weather elements to get in the way of your recreation or daily duties, don’t let them get in the way of your brand’s labels either. What’s more, is that you need not feel alone! Simply choose a reliable firm offering custom printed tags in St. Louis, MO, tell them your needs, and let them work their magic. Rest assured, be it the unpredictable outdoors or air-conditioned indoors; you need not worry about building a strong brand identity.