How to Create a Marketing Campaign With Custom Mailer Boxes

How to Create a Marketing Campaign With Custom Mailer Boxes

With custom-printed boxes in your inventory, you have an instant way to bring in new business. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be printed with anything from your logo to your message. You can design the box with your company’s logo, make a special design with your graphic or have the boxes printed with your color scheme so that they match your brand. Some companies print their own boxes. You can also purchase these online and pick them up at the store.

The boxes you buy from a standard printer will not be as high-quality as those you order online. In fact, your logo may not be visible through the white background of a custom printed boxes. But you do get what you pay for when you order this product. With high-quality custom boxes, you have a reliable way to market your product.

Your brand becomes recognizable and noticeable when you use a quality printing box. The high-quality cardboard that you receive from the manufacturer is durable and able to withstand extreme pressures. This allows your company name to remain visible through the clear plastic covering. Your message will stay on top of the line. Because the printing process is done digitally, your brand will be able to stay ahead of the game. For this reason, custom printed boxes with your company name and logo provide a perfect way to market your products.

When you order packaging boxes online, you receive them in a matter of days. They arrive at your door ready to be opened and packaged for shipment. You can mix and match the type of box you want or stick with the standard white plain packaging. Offset printing ensures that your packaging will look just like it does when it arrives from the offset printing press.

Flexographic printing is another option you have available when you order custom printed boxes. This method uses dye sublimation to create amazing colors that stand out against a white background. This technology offers high-end image quality that makes your colors pop against a solid color background. Whether your product is printed on board or offset, you will appreciate the vibrant look of flexographic printing.

When you order custom printed boxes online, you have many ways to customize your product. You can request either a letter size or fit every-day mailer boxes or full-color specialty mailer boxes. You can order custom envelopes, fliers, die-cuts, laminated die-cuts, pre-made mailers, or address labels. You can even have your company logo printed on the side or the front of the product.