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Ski Jacket: A Guide To Choosing The Best Coat And Getting Comfortable On The Slopes

However, choosing the perfect piece can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know exactly where to start. That’s why we’ve prepared a complete guide with tips that will help you choose the ideal ski jacket. In the end, if you still have any questions, don’t worry: many resorts have shops where you can buy or rent ski equipment and clothing, and even get expert advice on the spot!

Waterproofness Is Paramount For Your Ski Jacket, But Attention To Detail!

Start with the most important: look for a waterproof jacket and keep an eye on the different levels of water resistance, as this also affects the final price of the jacket. The material offers the insulation index usually measured by a scale, with ratings going up to level 5.

If you need total protection from the weather, look for ski jacket technology, a membrane that completely blocks water. Finally, pay attention to the quality and sealing (gluing) of the seams and zippers of the piece. Fully closed jackets have all seams sealed. They are more expensive but more resistant to water, wind, and snow.

The breathability of the ski jacket is also an essential item for your comfort on the slopes. In addition to the waterproof factor, buy or rent a ski jacket designed with breathable fabrics. This material will keep you dry and dissipate some of the heat and sweat from your body, controlling your temperature as you move around the tracks. Some pieces even come with strategic zippers – usually in the armpits or around the chest – so you can open them and control the temperature.

Keep An Eye On Ski Jacket Size And Fits

Also, remember to pay special attention to the size and fit of the ski jacket. This can range from the tight and short to the big and wide, preferred by many snowboarders and freestyle skiers. If you usually feel colder, a tip is to avoid jackets with a tight cut, as this leaves room to accommodate a fleece jacket or other garment on colder days.

Also, check the fit of the collar and sleeves. Most snow jacket cuffs can be adjusted to some degree, which is particularly good for creating a good fit between the sleeve and the chosen ski glove. In addition to gloves, you must remember that caps, hoods, and safety gear are also part of your ski outfit. All the pieces must fit together to keep snow and cold out of your body.