The Best Dallas Suburbs for Young Professionals

 The Best Dallas Suburbs for Young Professionals

When it comes to seeking top of the line job opportunities, it’s no surprise that you’ve ended up in Dallas. Not only is it one of the best cities for job seekers in the great state of Texas, but it’s one of the best anywhere in the country. Now you’ve got that dream job for yourself, the next thing you need to figure out quickly is where exactly you’ll want to live. 

Just because you work in Dallas, doesn’t mean it makes sense to live within the city limits. The good news here is that you’ll have plenty of options for nearby suburbs whether you are looking for something that will provide a nice bit of calmness and relaxation after a busy work day in the city or something that keeps you as close to the excitement as possible.

Victory Park

Now that you’ve got the dream job, what’s stopping you from getting the dream apartment? As you search for houses for rent in Dallas, it’s easy for the thought of being right in the center of the city to feel a little overwhelming. The idea of being too far can also sound dreadful. Who wants a long commute during the work week only to then be far away from the action on the weekends? 

In Victory Park, you’ll be able to have it all. Not only are there plenty of options for housing, many of them are going to feel very affordable for all budgets. Being here, you’ll be right outside of downtown Dallas so the nightlife, amazing restaurants, and excitement will be there whenever you’re craving a night out. 


There’s also going to be those of us who, after spending a week commuting and being in the office, are going to want nothing more than a little space for a couple of days. If you’re that type, Addison will suit you nicely. Single family homes are going to be available to rent or buy, if that’s what suits your family’s needs best. 

For those new to the area, the Prestonwood Country Club can’t come at a high enough recommendation. Becoming a regular there will help with both networking and as a way to make a few local friends so Addison will quickly feel like home. If that’s not your style, there’s still plenty of restaurants, shops, and local amenities to enjoy. 


When nearby nature is at the top of your list for what you need in your new area, look no further than Sunnyvale. Seemingly right from your backyard you’ll have Samwell New Hope Park to explore and enjoy as well as Lake Ray Hubbard for when an afternoon on the lake feels just right. Make sure not to forget about the farmers market in town either. Even if Sunnyvale might not be the perfect home for you, it’s still worth making a trip on the weekend just for that. 

This is also a great option for those craving a little more space than they would find downtown in Dallas. Sunnyvale allows for that perfect small town feel you might have thought you were giving up by moving closer to Dallas.