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Why Are Motor Control Centers Used?

Motor Control Centers (MCC) are fundamental to the operations of many industries. They are essential in managing and controlling electrical motors in a centralized location. MCCs have evolved over the years, providing more sophisticated control methods and offering greater safety measures. This blog post will delve into why motor control centers are used and their importance in various industries.

Understanding Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Motor Control Centers, often abbreviated as MCC, are centralized hubs containing one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus. These centers house motor controllers, drives, and breakers for each motor, along with other devices that provide power to the equipment. They offer a convenient, organized way of handling large amounts of data from motors and equipment while also providing protection from electrical faults.

MCCs were first used in the automobile manufacturing industry but have since been adopted by many other sectors such as mining, oil & gas, wastewater treatment plants, and more. Companies like ProProcess Automation & Electrical have been at the forefront of designing and implementing advanced MCC solutions for various industries.

Why Are Motor Control Centers Used?

1) Centralized Control

One of the primary reasons why MCCs are used is because they offer centralized control over multiple electric motors. Electrical engineers can monitor performance data, run diagnostics, troubleshoot issues, and even start or stop motors from a single location. This not only increases efficiency but also reduces downtime due to faults or malfunctions.

2) Safety Measures

Motor control centers provide enhanced safety measures for both equipment and personnel. They protect against short circuits or overloads that could potentially damage machinery or cause fires. Additionally, they allow for safe maintenance work as individual sections can be isolated without affecting the entire system.

3) Energy Efficiency

With growing concerns about energy conservation worldwide, MCCs play a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency. They allow for better management of energy usage by monitoring motor performance closely and adjusting operations accordingly to minimize wastage.

The Rise of Containerised Motor Control Centers

In recent years there has been an increasing trend towards containerised motor control centers. These are essentially MCCs housed within a shipping container or similar structure which offers several benefits:

1) Mobility: Containerised MCCs can be easily transported from one site to another making them ideal for industries like mining where operations may need to move frequently.

2) Customization: These types of MCCs can be custom-built according to specific requirements making them highly flexible solutions.

3) Quick Installation: Since they come pre-assembled within the container, installation time is significantly reduced.

ProProcess Automation & Electrical is one company leading the way in providing containerised motor control center solutions tailored to meet unique industry needs.


In conclusion, motor control centers play an integral role in modern industrial operations by offering centralized control over multiple motors while ensuring safety and energy efficiency. With advancements like containerised MCCs brought about by companies like ProProcess Automation & Electrical, it’s clear that these systems will continue to evolve with technology advancements catering to ever-changing industry needs.

Whether you’re an electrical engineer looking for efficient ways to manage your plant’s motors or a business owner seeking reliable industrial automation solutions – understanding the importance of motor control centers is key!