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Perth’s best sunset spots

Perth is set along the Indian Ocean and offers some great places to watch the sun go down. We’ve put together a list of our favorite spots in Perth for catching that perfect sunset moment.

Cottesloe Beach: ‘The Jewel on Australia’s West Coast

Perth locals will tell you that Cottesloe beach is the best spot in the city to catch a West Australian sunset. The wide stretch of sand is backed by rows of hotels and restaurants, so you won’t miss out on any views if your beach umbrella gets lost in the crowd.

Leighton Beach: ‘The Home Stretch’

On Cottesloe’s other (eastern) end, you’ll find Leighton Beach, a long stretch of sand that performs a big part in Perth’s Surf Life Saving Club service. If it’s got anything to do with water safety around here, there’s a good chance it will be well-organized and worth watching – including the sunsets.

Mettams Pool: ‘Swimming Along’

In between Cottesloe and Leighton beaches, there’s a little bay that forms the swimming pool for Perth locals. Again, you’ll find a strip of sand here, but it won’t feel overcrowded thanks to the big playgrounds and grassy areas surrounding Mettams Pool Reserve.

City Beach: ‘At Night’

City Beach is best visited in the evening when its long stretch of the beach comes alive with plenty of bars and restaurants. The crowd here will be young at heart, so if you’re after sunset to impress your older relatives or friends, City Beach might not be your first stop. But it’s still worth taking in before heading off to one of the nearby drinking holes.

Mt Clarence: ‘Upon High’

If you’re not content with watching your sunset from down low, you can climb up to Mt Clarence instead. It’s by no means a difficult trek, but it is fairly steep. Once you’re at the top, though, taking in Perth’s coastline with the big hills of the Darling Ranges in the background is well worth the legwork.

Cape Naturaliste: ‘The Blowhole’

Perth has no shortage of beaches, but it certainly does have a lot of cliffs. If you want to make sure your sunset falls among Perth’s best views, you’ll need to find yourself a cliff-backed beach. You’ll find plenty of them here: Cottesloe and Leighton, for example, both fall along this line. But not all cliffs offer a quiet escape from the crowds. That’s where Cape Naturaliste comes into play. The view will be just as breathtaking, but you won’t have to worry about parking or finding a spot to sit.

Rottnest Island: ‘The End of the Line’

If you live in Perth, you probably know about Rottnest Island already. If you’ve never been, however, it’s well worth a visit. This island is home to plenty of beaches and offers a stunning view across to Perth’s downtown skyline. It’s also just a hop, skip and jump away from the mainland – so you won’t have to waste time on ferry trips if you’re in a rush.

South Beach: ‘The Break’

If you’ve got a car, South Beach might be your best bet. It’s easily accessible, but still remote enough to feel like you’re enjoying an evening on the beach without having to fight through crowds of people or worry about parking. There are plenty of parking spaces at South Beach and it’s even got its own cafe if you want to treat yourself to a hot chocolate or cup of tea while the sun goes down.

Mornington Peninsula: ‘The Shire’

Another hour’s drive from Perth will take you even further south, where you’ll find the Mornington Peninsula. This area has plenty of beaches and bays that are perfect for watching the sunset, especially if you’re looking for a more intimate space. Locals will tell you that this is one of their favourite beaches, and with good reason: it’s bigger than South Beach but smaller than Cottesloe or Leighton, so there’s still room to spread out without feeling like you’ve joined a big crowd of people.


Perth’s got a lot of beaches, but it would be hard to beat the sunset that greets you at these locations. If you’re coming from overseas or interstate and need to know where to go once you arrive, these spots are all recommended. After reading this article, if you think you would appreciate some company, you can try out the company of a Perth Escort, which you can find on Ivy Societe.