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Planning a party, or an outdoor event and there is a possibility of you having the event at summer? you are not sure of the best way of ensuring that your guest are not made uncomfortable because of the heat and hot weather? Not to worry your answer is right here, Portacool air cooler. when thinking of air coolant you might be thinking about air conditioner which could be costly and too expensive for your budget and it might not even serve its purpose effectively if your event is in an open space, air conditioners are meant for enclosed facilities with windows and doors shut at all times that’s the only situation you can enjoy the full potential of air conditioners this means that they are not needed for that outdoor event you are planning. Air cooler despite been used in some indoor situations is best for outdoor events and use because it is mainly created to serve such purpose. Air cooler is best for outdoor events for some reasons which you will understand after going through this article. 

Why Portacool air cooler is the best for your outdoor event? air coolers are the best for your outdoor events because for outdoor events, you will need less consumption of electricity which can help reduce your expenses for the event, unlike air conditioners that consume much electricity, air coolers go easy on power consumption and this will not make you spend more than you should spend on your event, this will enable you take care of some other expenses you might incur while planning your event and during your event.

Air conditioners are programed to function with the use of gas and making using of a an air conditioner in an outdoor event is not advisable because using an air conditioner for your event might amount to you waisting the gas in the open air and you might have to refill the gas after the event. Also because air conditioners are programed for cooling rooms, they might not help in cooling your event space because most of the gas that ought to absolve heat and provide you with the cool needed would have escaped into space. Portacool air cooler on the other hand doesn’t use gas but rather uses water which is put in the water compartment which is absolved by wet absorbents pads that in turn cools the air.