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What Kind of An Wedding Arrangement You Are Making? And the Car?

Perhaps the bride and her mother or best friend spent many hours in various bridal fashion stores to choose the perfect dress for that special day. After all, as a bride, you are the focus of this day. But of course the groom also thinks about the wedding suit. Should you wear something fancy like a kilt to the wedding? Maybe a classic tuxedo or a tailcoat? Or a suit that you can still wears for years to come, if you keep the figure.

Rent a wedding dress (makes sense, but not a woman)

  • Order cheap wedding dress abroad (Internet) and have it adjusted. It is cheap but possibly risky (make early)
  • Buy a wedding dress for the figure on the wedding day. Some women want to work on the figure before the wedding. So start training early here too and buy the dress a little smaller. Saves the adjustment and makes a healthy pressure to keep up the fitness program.
  • A lot of time and money is spent on the clothes. It should be a perfect day.

The perfect church for the wedding

If you have decided to get married in a church, then the search also begins here. First of all, stake out a region. The church should not be 150 km away from the location of the wedding ceremony. Then the size of the church is. How many guests and visitors do you expect at your wedding? It shouldn’t be a church with 1000 seats in which only the first two rows are occupied.

Once you have found the perfect church, it must of course be free on the desired date. That means setting the wedding day early. If all of this works out, ask the bishop whether there will be another wedding before or after your wedding. Perhaps you can agree on a flower arrangement in the church with the other couples and thus halve the costs, then you have more budget to rent alimousine  for the perfect day.

Set the wedding day early

Look for church early for the wedding to book for the wedding day.

The perfect location for the wedding

Now that the clothes and the church have been bought or booked, it is a matter of choosing the location for the big wedding party. But it is often the case that after the actual wedding in the church, everyone present is invited to an aperitif and then the invited guests continue to the actual celebration. The wedding couple and, if need be, the parents drive in a limousine that was rented. The kitchener limo service is the best that you can choose now.


It is advisable to have the aperitif at the church or in a restaurant within walking distance. Guests should not have to move again if possible. Of course, it is also possible for the bridal guides to organize a team for the aperitif. Maybe you are in the gymnastics club or in the fire brigade and you have volunteers. As a thank you, you can rent a limousine for a party.


In the case of the restaurant, it is also important to ensure that the hall corresponds to the number of invited guests, i.e. not too large and not too small. If you have a band, you should definitely calculate enough space to dance.