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Professional Shipping Versus DIY Driving Your Car When You Move

DIY driving your car to the new home is cheaper than professional transport, but for short-distance moves. For long-distance professional auto shipping company is a convenient option worth the price. You also get to choose two shipping methods – open or enclosed carriers. If money is not an issue and you desire to have your car protected during transit, then the enclosed shipping method is the right alternative.

As the open trailers don’t have roofs or walls they are less safe than enclosed carriers. The car gets exposed to weather elements and flying debris on the road en route. Still, open trailers are more popular because the cost is cheaper. It is a recommended option for short-distance vehicle shipping.

Professional shipping versus DIY driving


Car shipping cost

Check the car shipping quote on Ship a Car, Inc.’s online calculator. In an open trailer, the short distance cost is minimal $350 [150 miles], whereas in an enclosed carrier the cross country [2,750 miles] rates are more than $1,500. The cost is just an estimation and not precise. The rates will depend on your car model, chosen services, and moving distance. Rates can change due to seasonality, gas prices, and even routes.

DIY driving instead of shipping

An average shipping cost to drive 150 miles is $200 and 2,750 miles is $1,220. The cost of driving a car is always cheaper even if extra costs like gas, food, and hotels get added.

  • Gas – Driving 150 miles the cost of gas is $10 [$2.18 per gallon] but can differ depending on the vehicle’s different mpg [miles per gallon] ratings and the fuel rates in different states.
  • Lodgings Average cost of accommodation is $150 per night. It is recommended to drive 500 miles in a day. So, expect to pay one hotel after every 500 miles of driving. You may even need an extra hotel stay because of poor driving conditions or car breakdowns or heavy traffic.
  • Food – Food is the biggest long-distance road trip expense. Expect to spend $20 to $40 a day on meals and snacks per person.

Wear & Tear

  • Every car component ranging from engine to the tires exhausts, at some point and turns unreliable. You need to replace them.
  • If lots of mileage gets added to the odometer, it can lose its resale value. If you drive cross country this is a crucial detail that needs serious consideration.
  • On average, 1,000 miles get added to the car each month, if you drive 2000 miles in a few days while moving cross country then the car’s resale value gets lowered. Even the life expectancy of the car sinks.


The possibility of getting into an accident is too small, yet there with every mile, you cover on the road. It is not a crucial factor to consider, even for long-distance. Nevertheless, if safety is your first concern then professional shipping is the best alternative.


Long-distance driving is time-consuming. The recommended distance is 500 miles per day. So, if the trip is cross country then it can take 5 to 6 days but if it is neighboring then you can reach it in two days or weekend. If you cannot afford the time even for a weekend, then consider car transport services.