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6 Cool Tourist Places in Batam Indonesia

The island of Sumatra has many interesting tourist destinations to visit. In addition to Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Kilometer 0 Indonesia in Sabang, the Tsunami Museum in Aceh, Pahawang Island in Lampung, and Mount Kerinci in Jambi, Sumatra has a small island with a million charms which are directly adjacent to Singapore, namely Batam.

Batam is an island that is part of the Riau Archipelago. Its location is very close to Singapore, and you only need to cross from Batam if you want to visit the Lion country. Singapore can be seen from a distance on the island of Batam. If you have top 50 most visited national parks guide a vacation plan to Batam, here are 6 recommesixded tourist attractions in Batam that should be included in your itinerary list.

  • Tunjuk Island

Tunjuk Island is a small island overgrown with dense and natural mangrove forests. Here, you can explore the mangrove forest while relaxing and enjoying the beautiful and unique white sandy beaches. There is a myth that is believed by residents about the beach here. There is information that says that the sand in this place can disappear and reappear.

Therefore, visitors are not advised to sit near the beach jutting into the sea. In monitors have proven that the sand on this beach is sometimes attracted by seawater. Tunjuk Island, to be precise, is southeast of Batam City and is a Subangmas district. On this island, you can go around the island all day by boat with a rental fee of IDR 600,000 / boat.

  • Mubut Island


Batam consists of several charming small islands, one of which is Pulau Mubut. The island is divided into two, namely Pulau Mubut Darat and Pulau Mubut Laut. Mubut Darat Island is uninhabited, while residents inhabit Mubut Laut Island.

Both Pulau Mubut Darat and Mubut Laut have different characteristics. Mubut Darat Island has a beautiful stretch of white sand, clear seawater, and coconut palm trees. While on Mubut Laut Island, you can see the activities of the people whose daily activities are gardening, mining, and being fishermen.

Mubut Island is located in Karas, Galang, Batam City. If you depart from downtown Batam, you can drive towards Barelang and then head to Sembulang Harbor to sail to Mubut Island. Here, you can explore the island longer by staying at the pavilion or bringing your tent for camping.

  • Marina Beach

Batam is synonymous with the beauty of Marina Beach. Marina Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Batam. Therefore, this place is a tourist attraction that you must visit. Moreover, this beach is a luxury yacht stopover port. Spending time on this beach will be more exciting if you invite your beloved family.

Marina Beach presents a view with white sand, naa natural blue sea, and soothing shady trees. The facilities available are also complete, such as children’s playgrounds, tents, gazebos. There is also a luxury resort, Marina Waterfront City. If you need a staycation close to this beach, you just have to book the resort.

This beach is on Jalan KH. Ahmad Dahlan, Tanjung Riau, Sekupang, Batam City. The location of this beach is very strategic because the location is not far from the center of Batam City, so anyone will easily find it. Here, you can rent a yacht or boat to go around enjoying the beauty of Batam Island.

  • Vietnamese Village

Are you tired of nature tourism? Try to visit the Vietnamese Village. This historical tourist attraction is a former shelter that at that time was inhabited by native Vietnamese. The village with an area of ​​​​80 hectares is no longer inhabted, but still keeps relics that are then preserved and used as tourist attractions.

Here you will find former houses, museums, places of worship, prisons, and a monument built by refugees called “The Boat Monument”. The boat is a vehicle that carries Vietnamese refugees to Indonesia. In addition, there is a specially made cemetery for refugees from Vietnam.

  • Ocarina Batam Theme Park

Ocarina Batam Theme Park is a 40-hectare playground which is located on the beach. This spot can be used as an alternative to travel with a beach feel equipped with exciting rides. Interestingly, Ocarina has gardens filled with shade trees that are comfortable for relaxing.

Types of exciting rides in Ocarina that you can explore include; Water Park, Kiddy Land, Giant Wheel, Trampoline, Flying Fox, Stork Pond, Water Feature, and the most exciting thing, 3D Movie Theater. In spot photography, there are giant numbers and giant writing, so if you come with children, you can learn simultaneously.

Ocarina Batam Theme Park is located in Sadai, Bengkong, Batam City. Access is easy because it is not far from downtown Batam. This place is also considered an ideal tourist spot to spend with family.

  • Pancur Telaga Bidadari

Apparently, in Batam, a waterfall is still natural because it is not yet crowded with tourists. The name of this waterfall is Pancur Telaga Bidadari. Swimming in the Pancur Telaga Bidadari is certainly an exciting experience. Having a height of less than 3 meters, you can jump from the top of the cliff and immediately enjoy the freshness of this waterfall.

In addition to playing in the waterfall, here you can also camp. If you are interested, just come to the location addressed at Kabil, Nongsa, Batam City, Riau Islands.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts,s or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.