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8 Best Culinary Places in Medan That You Must Visit

Completing a trip to Medan, North Sumatra, with a culinary experience, is vital. The adventure might even start before lunchtime, mainly once you take a morning flight from Jakarta to Medan. Soon after landing, you can head straight to a Soto (soup) Medan joint for brunch, for instance.

  1. Soto Medan SinarPagi

Soto Medan SinarPagi is the most popular culinary place in Medan. It serves beef and poultry aromatic soup with a coconut milk base and seasoned with various herbs, including cumin. The Soto could be eaten with rice, fried potato cake, and shrimp fritters. If you discover the Soto for a promising opening and wish to carry on with the culinary experience, below is a list of just five other destinations to take into account.

  1. Durian Ucok

Medan city is the right destination for durian lovers, and Durian Ucok is where to go. Selling durian all year round regardless of the season, Durian Ucok is located on Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim 30-32. If you would want to bring home some durian, this famous shop can vacuum package the durian meat for you to remove. It’s convenient with no shell, and you can easily keep it in your checked baggage.

  1. BihunBebekAsie

The best combination of rice vermicelli and well-seasoned duck meat has set BihunBebekAsie on top of this go-to list for meals in Medan. The eatery, established in 1930, can be located on Jl. Kumango 15. The duck’s rich taste is balanced by fried, chopped garlic, and completed with your choice of herbal broth or duck broth.

  1. RM Sipirok recommends Sipirok Restaurant, an eatery famous for its traditional Batak cooking, such as bone marrow soup. As you may be aware, Batak men and women are the natives of North Sumatra. The restaurant is located on Jl. Sunggal 14. recommends mashed cassava leaves and anchovy sambal.

  1. LontongKak Lin

Aside from Soto Medan, Lontong (rice cake) Medan is an alternative for breakfast or early lunch. At LontongKak Lin at Jl. TeukuCikDitiro across SMAN 1 Medan, toppings for the rice cake, includes assorted vegetables, boiled eggs, fried chicken, drenched in yellow soup, and sprinkled with crackers.

  1. Tip Top Restaurant, Bakery, Cake Shop

This old-school fashion establishment, built-in 1934, is where you get some cakes and ice cream. Tip Top stands one of the Peranakan-style buildings on Jl. Ahmad Yani, No. 92 A-B. Its cakes, bread, cookies, and ice cream are still made using traditional Dutch recipes. Among them are mocha tart, Bitterballen (fried chunks of bread and meat), and Speculaas (spiced biscuit).

  1. Curry BihunTabona

It has been going for 80 years now, and this curry stall is not slowing down anytime soon with its flavourful curry broth. Usually served as breakfast and lunch, your bowl of curry is thick with spices and odor, as well as piles of poultry meat, boiled potatoes, and blood cubes. To round things off with the classic touch, you can choose the crowd-favorite rice vermicelli as your main meal, or rice to fit with this hot heavenliness.

  1. Soto Kesawan

Located just across Tjong a Fie Mansion on the old road of Kesawan, Soto Kesawan is ready to tantalize your tastebuds. Serving delicious traditional yellow soup termed Soto, this seller combines it with huge prawn bits for that additional wholesome taste.

A vacation to Medan is more than just-food. Discover more about Medan and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.