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Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is for a Greener Future

Progress is inevitable, it is as though the human race is made to pursue development; however in exchange for progress, the environment was compromised. Many are becoming aware of the environmental problems that should be addressed, hence, cities and states are being urged to have laws that support clean energy. Businesses and even residential areas are also starting to shift into clean energy sources.

The shift brought about by these conditions showed that there is a lack of sources for cleaner and greener energy. The wind and solar energy sources took off but it is not enough to supply the market, moreover, these technologies are expensive. The majority of the market especially in residential and small or medium businesses cannot afford them. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power intends to fill the gap. The company is committed to the research, development, and production of new power units powered by alkaline fuel that is low-cost yet highly efficient.

The clean source of energy is here, a greener future is at hand!

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is taking a strategic approach in its development and commercialization of a micro-CHP (or micro-combined heat and power) system. It intends to apply for six patents in the coming months alongside the completion of its prototype in March 2022. Its commercialization is set to take off at the end of 2024.

What is micro-CHP?
The micro-CHP or micro-combined heat and power system which is introduced by Alkaline Fuel Cell power is the answer to the growing demand for cleaner energy sources. The micro-CHP system only emits water and its byproducts are only heat and water. Thus, this technology will not add to the CO2 emissions, but rather will help to neutralize the carbon emissions and pollution.