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Can I Buy Fan and Espalier Apple Trees In The UK?

If you have been to a kitchen walled garden in France, you will probably have spotted fan and espalier apple trees. In France, this way of growing apple trees has been popular for a long time. 

That does not mean that apple trees are not grown in the UK in this way. The tradition of growing fan and espalier apple trees is thought to have come from France, but quickly became popular during Victorian times in the UK. 

It is a great way of growing trees when you are short of space or would like to fit in a variety of different trees in your garden. Growing trees in this way, also allows you to turn your garden in a multi-produce haven. 

In front of your apple trees, you can grow fruit and vegetables, herbs, bushes and even cut flowers. 

Do Fan and Espalier Trees Need Specialist Care?

Although they are unusual, they are still fully hardly. 

As always, before you rush out and buy any tree, it is important to take local growing conditions into consideration. 

Growers are happy to give you advice and share information. You will find that this kind of growing apples has rather a large following in the UK. If you would like to try a different growing technique, there is no reason why you should not give it a go.

What To Look Out for When You Buy Fruit Trees

Buying your first fruit tree is often a nerve wrecking experience. That is why when you buy fruit trees, you should turn to a specialist. 

If you don’t have a local specialist grower there is no reason why you can check out online availability. Most top-class growers have excellent websites packed with information. 

Another way of learning more, is going to gardening shows and exhibitions. You may even get a chance to try the produce. It is also nice to meet a grower face to face. Many growers have open days where you can come and find out what they have to offer. Unless you want to, you don’t have to buy there and then. 

Buying fruit trees is often a process. You will find that gardeners who like to grow fruit trees also grow a range of other crops. If that is the case, it is important to make sure that your new choice fits in with your current fruit tree selection. 

Fan and espalier growing is often seen as a bit of art form, but it is in fact for everybody who would like to grow fruit trees.