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Play all the fascinating fantasy and casual games on Prime Captain 

The field of Fantasy Sports is growing at an exponential rate. While following their favourite sports tournament or league, enthusiasts of various sports are now actively participating in online fantasy games by building a team of players that they feel will perform well in the tournament. 

Through an online community of friends, colleagues, or other enthusiasts, participants compete to build a team of players that shall perform well in an upcoming sports tournament and collect points. The participant with the maximum of points is declared the winner. 

As the concept of fantasy sports is spreading to more sports enthusiasts, numerous portals for Fantasy Sports are cropping up. Prime Captain is one of the leading and popular fantasy sports applications that has now been used by more than one million participants globally.

Seamless Integration

What makes Prime Captain hugely popular is their focus on the user and the ability to develop an excellent user interface that has been designed from the point of view of the users. The user interface has been integrated with an excellent back-end to offer a seamless user experience even at low internet connection speeds.  The application has been designed to work equally well on desktops and smart mobile phones.

Transparent, Secured, Easy, Legal

With the growing number of online fantasy sports gaming apps, it’s become difficult selecting a good, secure, reliable game platform. An aspect of Prime Captain that makes it a trusted application in the field of Fantasy Sport is the ease with which users can play a variety of games in a secure manner. All the transactions on the Prime Captain application are done only on secured payment gateways that are completely safe. 

To add to this, Prime Captain is one of the few fantasy sports platforms that is legal in all respects. All the rules of the game are laid out in a 100% transparent manner on the application to keep any unambiguity out of the picture.

The registration and starting procedure are straightforward. The application requires every user to be authenticated before allowing users to start playing their sport. Authentication is done by Mobile and Email verification,  Addition of Permanent Account Number (PAN Card), and Bank account verification. The application doesn’t allow any unauthorized transaction and ensures fair play with good security just like GetMega does.

Support for multiple games

Most fantasy gaming apps specialize in one or two sports. Prime Captain on the other hand offers the opportunity to participate in fantasy games of multiple sports right from cricket or football to basketball or even baseball. There are more than 100+ daily contests on the application providing numerous opportunities for participants to easily earn large sums of money if they have the skill, ability, and foresight to understand sports, players, and game outcomes. 

There is also a leadership board maintained in the application that ranks users after every such contest to find out winners daily.

The right combination of Free and paid contests

Prime Captain offers an ecosystem for everyone to try out their skills. So, if a rookie wants to learn the aspects of a fantasy game, the user can select a free contest while experts who are quite adept at understanding various aspects of the game can try out the paid contests.

Support Team

Prime Captain is one of the few Sports Fantasy applications to offer a 24×7 support team for participants. This helps users to resolve any queries or problems they have on a real-time basis. So, if a participant faces trouble depositing money in the wallet, building a profile on Prime Captain, or withdrawing money from the application, the user-focused support team helps you in all possible ways, thereby building trust amongst users.

So, if you want to convert your interest and skill in sports and also win money in the process, start your adventure with Prime Captain.