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Simple ways to keep your workplace clean


Office cleanliness has never been more important. However, keeping on top of your office cleaning isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time, and money, and needs to be done correctly. 

So, to help you provide a clean workspace for your staff, here are some simple tips you can use today! In this article, we’ll cover everything from using a London facilities management company to the difference smart technology can make! 

Get Some Help 

As we’ve mentioned already, maintaining the cleanliness of your office isn’t easy to do on your own. You need to ensure you have enough supplies, hire staff, and provide training. If you enlist the help of a facilities management company, they can take care of all of these tasks for you! 

This means you’ll save much needed time, money, and still provide a clean and safe environment for your staff. 

Provide Plenty of Bins

One thing you can guarantee about people is that wherever they go, they will bring mess along with them. Even the office falls victim to this trend. So, to help combat this inevitable mess, make sure to provide plenty of bins throughout your workspace. 

You can place them under desks, in meeting rooms, and in all communal areas such as kitchens. This will help to stop the spread of clutter around the office. 

Install Smart Switches

Bacteria are always present in an office, especially on surfaces. Items such as switches, door handles, phones, and keyboards are some of the dirtiest areas in a workspace. To help combat this, why not bring in some smart technology to help you out

Smart switches will allow people to open doors and turn on lights without touching things! This will reduce contact on surfaces, and the spread of germs. 

Provide Wipes

Having antibacterial wipes is another great way to keep your workspace clean. This allows your staff to wipe down their own equipment and limit the spread of germs. 

Minimise Paper

Paper has an unfortunate habit of piling up and spreading, creating clutter and unnecessary mess. Furthermore, it costs money – so the more your staff use, the more you’ll spend. Why not make a move to digital documents to save money and reduce the mess in your office? 

Provide Hand Sanitizer 

Hand sanitiser is another effective tool in slowing the spread of germs in your office. Place dispensers in the bathrooms, entrances, and other high traffic areas to help your team keep their hands, and your workspace, cleaner. 

Provide a Designated Eating Area

Wherever food goes, crumbs often follow. When your staff eat at their desks, it can lead to pieces of food building up on keyboards and even on the floors. To concentrate this mess, provide a designated eating area that has plenty of space for your staff and waste disposal for their food. 


If you follow these tips, you’ll notice a huge difference in your office cleanliness in no time at all!