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Strawberry Plants for Sale – Choosing the right Variety

You can find a wide variety of strawberry plants for sale and some of them will be better suited to your home garden than others. Before you select strawberry plants, think of the zone that you live in and the type of soil that you have. You will also need to consider the growing time in your area, since some plants will bear fruit more quickly than others.

Things To Know About Strawberry Plants

Strawberry plants usually like full sun and produce fruit that is ideal for pick-your-own-strawberry settings. Your children will enjoy seeing these plants grow and bear, since they thrive in sunny locations and are high yielding. You can choose from a wide variety of plants, which produce fruit that vary slightly in sweetness, tartness and firmness.

Strawberry plants need well-drained soil and if they get it, you can expect several varieties to bloom in spring. The plants will usually reach up to a foot in height, making it easy for even the youngest children to pick their own strawberries.

Strawberry plants can be affected by several diseases, including Verticillium wilt. Tt is important to select a variety that is resistant to any type of strawberry disease that you know tends to affect gardens in your area.

Bolero Strawberry Plants

Bolero strawberry plants are an everbearing variety, known for producing class 1 fruits. They start to fruit in mid-August and you’ll get a large number of delicious fruits. The strawberries do not deteriorate in hot weather. They are also resistant to mildew and diseases such as Crown Rot.

Earliglow Strawberry Plants

Earliglow strawberry plants have been around since 1964. This variety was cultivated in America and is known for the beautiful color of the red strawberries, which almost seem to glow. The berries ripen early in the season and are very sweet. These juicy fruits can be used for any purpose and if you get a bumper crop, you can freeze them without affecting the quality.

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