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The Europe RoHS Law – What is It and What are The Definitive Steps to Ensure That Your Products are In Compliance With This Law

Probably one of the most important laws ever established for environment preservation, the Europe RoHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances law is applicable for all kinds of electronic and electrical devices and equipment. It primarily originated in Europe and hence the name, but considering its importance, it expanded to other countries like China, California, New Jersey, Oman, and many more.

However, in this guide, we will be primarily talking about what RoHS targets in general and how you can use the Enviropass RoHS testing and consulting services for all the products that you manufacture. So, let’s get started without any further preamble.

What Makes the RoHS Law So Important?

There are many substances, that when released in the environment, pose long term danger to human health and the environment. Some such substances are:

  • BBP
  • DBP
  • DEHP
  • DIBP

And these are just a few examples. The actual list is endless and keeps changing from time to time. So, obviously, you cannot handle all the work and legality that goes into making your products RoHS compliant. And this is where the RoHS services by companies like Enviropass come to picture. Two of their best services to ensure that all your products are in compliance with this law are listed below. Have a look!

  1. The Classic EU RoHS Service

Under the classic RoHS service by Enviropress, experts at this firm look through all your product(s) documents and verify that none of your products have any hazardous substances. You are then provided with a confirmation certificate that your products are in compliance with the RoHS norms.

  1. The Deluxe EU RoHS Service

This is a rather complex and elaborative service when compared with the classic RoHS service since it offers much more than just documental evaluation by experts. In addition to this particular service, the deluxe package also includes:

  • Training your staff about product auditing.
  • Teaching you about technical documentation so that you can monitor your products in a better way.
  • Evaluating your products to ensure that they are meeting all the RoHS guidelines.

In the end, they provide you with a compliance certificate too. Now, the service you choose will entirely depend upon your budget and requirement.

That said, you can also visit their website – – to have a detailed look at their services.