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The French Bulldog is a very expensive breed because of a variety of reasons and a breeder has to pay a large amount of fee. Artificial insemination is a very expensive procedure and also a Frenchie has to undergo c- section because it is very difficult for them to give birth naturally. Impregnating them is a very tough job and requires several attempts which add up to the cost of having a French Bulldog. If one includes the vaccinations and medications that it requires, the cost becomes even more and that is why many people find this breed expensive to purchase. The main reason why a Frenchie dog is so expensive are mentioned below-

  1. 1. Cross Breeding-The French bulldog has been cross-bred an enormous number of times over the last one-two hundred years and unarguably it is one of the most advanced breeds. The dog 80 percent of the time is unable to reproduce naturally because of the small size of their hips the male dog is unable to mount the female and therefore, the alternative is used which is artificial insemination. Also, the birthing canal is very small, and in comparison to that their head is large and therefore a lot of complications are observed during the process of giving birth.
  2. Artificial insemination-Finding the appropriate stud that will provide the sperm is not very easy but one has to lease them. It is a very critical part of the entire process because the breeder also needs to have confidence in the health of the stud and the pet’s history. The stud fees range from 500$ to 2000$ and an emergency shipping like overnight may add $ 200 to the initial cost.

The pets are also trained before they undergo artificial insemination and have to get their sperm checked which also costs around $100. Even after spending so much money, there is no guarantee that the female dog will get pregnant.

  1. Birth– Due to the narrow birthing canal and a comparatively larger head, the puppies need to undergo a C section to give birth. In this process, the mother is put for 90 minutes under general anesthetic which is not a cheap process and the prices vary. This procedure is also associated with a lot of risks and the fatality rate is 0.17%. Thus, when the baby is born the nurse may need to resuscitate puppies and after the process, all of them do not make it out alive.